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Although Leicestershire born and bred, Pam has been a camp follower to her husband’s career moves for the past 30 years, living in East Africa and South East Asia before going to Dubai for a couple of years. She has been playing around with different mediums for most of her life but until she went to live in Dubai she always felt her work was suppressed and did nothing to represent her personality.  With the constantly changing face of Dubai, and the unabashed way it takes on board everything new, she felt free to abandon her previous style and just let the paint build up on the canvas.  The challenge now she is back in the UK is to keep that sense of freedom.


Abstract painter Pam finds inspiration comes from many sources. Sometimes an old peeling door exactly suggests a composition or colours to try, and other times it is a case of researching for weeks and then thinking deeply  into a subject or idea, before standing in front of a canvas, emptying her head, and beginning. Acrylic is usually the main medium, and she uses a large brush or scraper, and anything else that is within reach, for instance cloths, hands, tissues, print shapes and her own cut “tiles”.  She makes the first mark, moves it around, takes it off and then repeats the process until she is satisfied with the result.  It is then just a case of fine tuning and this is often done with pastels.  She paints in her kitchen and keeps a stetchbook by the TV!


2019 Inside/Outside at Sock Gallery, Loughborough

2018 Outwoods Sculpture Trail

2018 Layers and Edges at Charnwood Museum

2018 Seeing the Light at Deda, Derby

2017 Odyssey at Stamford Arts Centre

2016 Renewal at The Atkins, Hinckley

2015 Beyond Words at Sock, Loughborough

2014 Looking Back at Curve, Leicester

2013 East Midlands Open at Tarpey, Derbys

2013 Metamorphosis at Charnwood Museum

2012 Gold at the Sock Gallery, Loughborough

2012 New Walk Museum, Leicester

2012 NSA at Nottingham

2011 East Midlands Open at Tarpey, Derbys

2011 NSA at Nottingham

2011 Birdsong at Charnwood Museum

2010 On The Edge, Shepshed, Loughborough

2009 Doric Arts in Holt, Norfolk

2008 Vivien Young Fine Art in Hunstanton, Norfolk

2008 Sedgeford Hall, Norfolk

2008 Gallery 18, Loughborough

2007 Dubai International Art Centre